Amit Rai Ahuja

Co-founder & Director of OutsourcingServicesUSA & Bizhawkz IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

Qualification : Engaged in developing and designing Software Applications and Mobile Apps for small business entrepreneurs. An alumni of Mayoor School, under the auspices of the Mayo College General Council, Ajmer.

Member of Integrated Association of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises of India (I am SME of India), an Institution formed by Small Scale Entrepreneurs, dedicated to the growth and development of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises and Businesses through Credit Facilitation, Cluster Development, Networking, Training, Vocational & Skill development etc.

Under his leadership, OutsourcingServicesUSA has witnessed quantum leap in business growth, service diversification, quality standards and customer satisfaction. This has been made possible by his thorough understanding of the business space, identification of industry trends, and discerning strategic solutions for the organization.

Amit’s more than 15 years of experience has enabled him to analyze, strategize and implement objectives of the clients, impacting growth and profitably. As a co-founder of OutsourcingServicesUSA his focus is to build & implement Ops Strategies, Hiring, Managing, Developing, and Evaluating the production staff to ensure proper methods/techniques are used to achieve the highest levels of quality and service to meet client goals. Mr. Ahuja is also responsible in driving group strategy and leads the groups' recent foray into IP Sector.

His extensive technical and management knowledge allows for the identification and implementation for the business strategies which reduce operational cost and growth expansion.

Prior to launching Bizhawkz, he served as a Tech Team Manager for VCustomer Pvt Ltd where he used his skills in managing development, training and mentoring of operations personnel in effective client and contact center processes and procedures.