Amit Sharma

Co-founder & Director of OutsourcingServicesUSA & Bizhawkz IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

Amit Sharma is an alumnus of the MD University, India with specialization in Computer Engineering & a Microsoft Certified professional.

Amit began his career in 2001 with Compaq India (now HP) as an Executive & reached to mid Level management before he along with his colleague, Amit Rai, decided to start his own venture, OutsourcingServicesUSA, in 2009, to cater the technical needs of small business owners/startup entrepreneurs. He has served in various capacities as diversified as Digital Marketing, Software Project Management before laying foundation of Bizhawkz IT Solutions Pvt Ltd in 2012 which focuses on providing strategic & technical solutions for online startups across the globe.

He employs his broad experience as social media consultant and product manager to find innovative solutions to the challenges faced by OutsourcingServicesUSA customers in creating and implementing their marketing strategy. As a high tech pioneer and serial entrepreneur, Amit has been the key player behind successful delivery of dozens of successful websites and businesses as a consultant/advisor. Under his leadership, OutsourcingServicesUSA has witnessed quantum leap in business growth, service diversification and customer satisfaction. Amit is responsible for developing, managing and growing strategic accounts across various market segments with a concentration on external marketing.

Being customer focused and performance driven, he has forged critical partnerships and drawn strategic alliances. In his current capacity as Director, Mr. Amit Sharma, is wholly accountable for tactical planning and daily operational supervision of sales, marketing, business/product development, customer satisfaction, finance/legal matters, growth and diversification of the company.